Video: Redhead Convention and hotels Cork

Video guide to the Redhead Convention in Clonakilty, Co. Cork held as part of the Gathering events nationwideand nearby hotels Cork has to offer.

From freckle density, red eyebrows, red beard competitions to the crowning of the red headed King and Queen of Ireland and more, this ginger fest left no stone unturned in pursuit of its fun filled quest.

Check out our guide to the event. Nearby hotels in can be found at Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, Quality Hotel & Leisure Centre Clonakilty,

So here we are at the Irish Redhead Convention. And behind me is where they’re taking photos of all the natural redheads so unfortunately I can’t get involved. And we’re oing to look around and enjoy some of the events that are on.

So this is fantastic. We’re going to talk to the perfect person Jolene here who came up with the Redhead Convention . So we wanted her to tell us about where you came up with the idea and where it all started.

Okay. So basically, this started completely as a joke. It was a conversation between myself and my brother. I’m sure you’re goin g to meet him at some point during the day.

We were sitting down in our family pub, Cronins which is just here behind us and it was coming up to Denis birthday. ANd this kind of idea of having a party but only for redheads blossomed and it was kind of perfect cos it meant bsically that there’d be nobody at the party. But little did we know that four years down the line…..

 For more, play our video guide to the event and check out some of the nearby hotels Cork has to offer.

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